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Welcome to Inspire2!I hope that you're having a good day!Here are just a FEW FEATURED Inspirational sayings, wall art posters, personal growth ecourse, self-help ebooks & books, children's books, home decor products and journals.SELECT SHOP for featured items to view ALL the other various PRODUCTS, STYLES, & DESIGNS.Being mindful of your emotional and mental health is an important part of self-care and self-love. Health and fitness well-being involves body-mind-spirit. Be inspired and motivated with the Original Motivational Sayings, Motivational Quotes, Self-care Guided Journals, Self-Help ebooks & books, Ecourse and motivational children's ebooks & books that are intended to bring more Positivity into your and your children's environment and life to keep you inspired and motivated for success in your life!The ecourse, ebooks, books and journals focus on self-growth tools to build and maintain a positive mindset for mind-body-spirit connection, wellness and self-improvement for higher positive consciousness to remove negativity and chaos from your life, to have balance, a healthier lifestyle, better mental health, personal development, self-empowerment; thereby, enabling you to create, manifest and maintain your true good desired reality of fulfilling your potential, goals and dreams, achieving success, having abundance, peace, joy, good positive relationships and happiness.Home decor is an effective way to keep motivated and inspired with artwork that inspires you. Bring lively, bright, calming choices of designs and styles to your living space and office -- modern, classic, chic, minimalist, abstract geometric patterns, typography, photography, nature landscapes, digital art, vintage, nautical, cottage core, abstract designs to decorate your interior and outdoor spaces mixing and matching to complement your home decor with various canvas, framed, metal, murals, tapestries, wallpapers, art prints; coffee tables, side tables, credenzas, benches, chairs, stools; outdoor mats, rugs, bath mats, shower curtains, comforters, duvet covers, throw blankets, throw pillows, floor pillows, mugs, tote bags, stickers, phone cases, t-shirts and much more besides.Remember to subscribe to receive updates and freebies.
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These are a slection of self-help ebooks and ecourse covers by Jennifer Jones that are bright yellow, red, blue and one with people exercising and doing yoga
Self-help Ebook "Ways to Better Anger Management by Jennifer Jones has a bright yellow background with a large monstera leaf and red habiscus flower on top. Printed are motivational quotes, affirmations, positive, journaling reflections, free bonus pages
Book review for Dino Dan Superhero by Jennifer Jones and image of Tweens: Julia, Tracy and Lisa Pages from Our Dairies by Jennifer Jones
Ebook. Image of three teen girls dressed casually with backpacks and diary. Title, Tweens-Julia, Tracy and Lisa Pages from our Diaries. It has motivational quotes, anger control tips, self-esteem, poems for positive thinking for everyday motivation.
Excerpt -"Smile" in pre-teen's ebook - Tweens-Julia, Tracy and Lisa Pages from our Diaries on Inspire2 website for self-help ebooks, children's ebooks, bedtime stories, motivational quotes, downloads, wall art for positive thinking, everyday motivation.
Ebook cover of "Dino Dan Superhero by Jennifer Jones show dinos walking on green grass surrounded by happy trees, blue sky with sun, rocket, space ship numbers and alphabets as dinos celebrate a surprise party to teach a dino not to be angry all the time.
Yellow ducks around a pond and under a tree in a yard with a sign showing the motivational book they've read "Affirmations and Meditations to Create a Positive Mindset" by Jennifer Jones, an ebook

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I write motivational original inspirational sayings and positive self-help ebooks, books, journals, impactful ecourse to provide enlightenment to others, inspiring them to strive for self-growth, emotional and mental health awareness, healing, self-discovery self-confidence, self-empowerment, well-being and betterment in their lives.I also write positive children's ebooks because children and pre-teens need to learn and understand that having self-confidence and a positive mindset are important. Themes include early learning, self-apprecation, kindness, anger management, puberty.Inspire2 is about inspiring you to empower yourself though cultivating a positive mindset to positvely impact every area of your life for sucess, happiness and fulfillment.Dreams to Manifestation!Having a Positive Mindset is key to creating the good true reality that you want to live.Negative thought patterns, negative attitudes and negative behaviors are counterproductive.Positive thinking creates Positive energy flow to manifesting.The ecourse, "Consciousness: The Power of You -- A Self-Paced Life Coaching Ecourse" by Jennifer Jones, is for anyone who wants more and better in life, include audio and video audio to inspire, encourage, enhance and motivate self-growth, self-confidence, self-empowerment and a Positive mindset.These empowering journals, books, ebooks, ecourse and inspirational sayings can help to create lasting positive changes in your mindset and your life. Some journals printables, ebooks and the ecourse include several free bonuses.The children's ebooks & books by Jennifer Jones are motivational, fun, bedtime and anytime stories to teach positive thinking, attitude, behavior, life lessons, build self-esteem, own voice and self-awareness. They are fun, imaginative, exciting stories to hold children's and pre-teens' interest. They are sure picks for children, pre-teens, parents, teachers, educators, librarians and can be used in any homeschooling curriculum and to gift to others.The Motivational Sayings (some in Spanish) are immediate downloadable prints, inspirational typography, poster wall decor, plaques, wall art that add positivity to your environment and life, whether at home, work, or on the go. They can be used as affirmations and provide a motivational boost when you need it. Print them, use them as wallpaper on your phone, tablet and computer screens to keep inspired, motivated, and grow increasing positive consciousness.Jennifer Jones Motivational Sayings and home decor art prints are suitable for any room, both residential and commercial, to create a positive environment.Buy these Inspirational Sayings, self-help ebooks, ecourse and children's ebooks for yourself, children and give them as gifts to associates, friends and family.Subscribe to receive freebies. Share and Follow. Your reviews are appreciated.Check out these inspirational, positive personal growth tools for a healthy fitness lifestyle, positive mental health and well being, maintaining positive consciousness and increasing body-mind-spirit connection.Printable Downloads are available immediately after purchase at inspire2.gumroad.comHome decor products are available at Society6.com/jenniferjones1Books and Journals are available at Lulu.com/spotlight/jenniferjonesEnjoy your shopping!Tell your friends, associates, and family members about Inspire2 so that they, too, can make Positive impactful changes in their lives and children's lives to create a more enhanced Positive mindset and better reality.Welcome Poem
by Jennifer Jones
Through all the challenges and ups and downs in life,
I know there's a path for me that's right.
I Dream it! See it!
I Create it! Manifest it!
It is created in my heart and mind.
My life poetry beautifully fine.
I maintain it as I want it to be.
Created from a mindset of Positivity!
Now, from negativity and chaos I'm set free to be the best of me!
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in English and Spanish
Self-Help Ebooks, Journals & BooksChildren's Ebooks & BooksEcourse:
Consciousness: The Power of You -- A Self-Paced Life Coaching Ecourse by Jennifer Jones is for everyone who wants better and more out of life!
This highly positive, impactful life-changing ecourse includes the main Life Coaching Ecourse, lots of extras and bonuses: 10 modules of additional powerful, impactful affirmations and exercises, 2 meditation videos, audio, audio videos--"Tips for Building a Positive Relationship," "I Write My Happiness." More bonus materials: "Think Positive Poster, motivational wall art, "Meditation Affirmation for Money and Abundance Audio Video, "Morning Meditation Audio and Evening Meditation Audio
You can stream and immediately download the ecourse.Downloads & Printables available now at
Books and Journals available now at
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-- Posters, Canvas, Framed, Metal, wood art prints, murals, tapestries, wallpaper
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-- Apparel and accessories t-shirts, hoodies, children wear, tote bags
-- Outdoor and indoor rugs and furniture, coffee tables, side tables, benches, folding chairs, stools, credenzas
And more in various styles and designs -- typography, modern, chic, minimalist, geometric patterns, cottage core, vintage, nature landscapes, photography, nautical, floral botanicals, abstract, digital art graphics
-- And more
Available now at
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Positivity -- Building a Positive Consciousness

Vector graphic of human head with brain and a human figure in the middle to depict the idea of positive mindset for ecourse "Consciousness: The Power of You--A Self-Paced Life Coaching Ecourse for anyone who want better in life. It show the ecorse cover.
It's Your Day in above an cell phone depicting th ecourse "Consciousness: The Power of You -- A Self-Paced Life Coaching Ecourse by Jennifer Jones against a light blue background. Underneath are printed in red "For anyone who wants to get beter out of life
A cartoon looking man wearing an orange tank top, gray shorts and shoes, smiling wide, showing his teeth and eyes focused and excited runs up a green hill on a clear, sunny day. The words, "visualize, create and manifest" printed. Image on Inspire2.org.

BOOKS AND JOURNALSCREATE AND MANIFEST A POSITIVE LIFESTYLEUplift Your Life with "Meditations and Affirmations to Create a Positive Mindset" and "Positive Consciousness: Operating From a Point of Power" by Jennifer Jones, self-help ebooks & books (printed book new cover design) filled with powerful, impactful inspirational messages, affirmations and meditations to release negativity and create positive changes in your life with exciting affirmations, self-care list and meditations to create a positive mindset to manifest betterment in all areas of your life for:success, peace, joy, happiness, good relationships, good health, abundance, positive mood and attitude, progressing forward, to create and manifest the good reality you desire to live.Begin to make positive life changes now with self-care journals, guided prompts journals and monthly journals for reflection, self-expression, anxiety and stress relief, emotional and mental health well-being, inspiration, self-confidence and self-empowerment.

A poster on the mental health benefits of jouraling and "Positive Word Projection Daily Journal" and "Think and Grow a Positive Mindset" by Jennifer Jones
Poster to let go of negative thoughts and several original motivational sayings poster in Spanish and English by Jennifer Jones
Poster of books and Journals: Think and Grow a Positive Mindset Journal shows a woman in red blouse, green pants and red shoes pointing at a chart showing "creating a positive mindset. It shows other ebooks and other Journals by Jennifer Jones
Centered against a gold yellow background is the ebook, "Meditations and Affirmations to Create a Positive Mindset by Jennifer Jones, a speech bubble with the text, "I'm saying my affirmations, meditations and keeping it positive" which is spoken by a lady


WELCOME!Start to up-level in your life now!Find inspiration to create and manifest your goals, dreams and desires. Start now to increase self-confidence.Get instant downloads of self-empowering ecourse, journals, self-help ebooks to build personal growth, positive consciousness and Motivational Sayings and Quotes in English (some in Spanish) after purchase and freebies when you subscribe.Inspire2 is where you find quality, valuable inspiration for everyone in the family. There are stories for children and pre-teen girls that teach early learning, self-confidence and puberty for tweens and early teens. Get your children fun, motivational stories that will make them want to read, while learning life lessons and inspiring self-growth.Sign up for free!

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